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Throughout the world, malaria is a disease that is respected and also feared. Although modern medicine has made many advancements toward ending this disease, they have yet to find a complete cure. Many cures have been created that can actually stop this disease in its tracks. Let’s take a look at some ways to reduce your chances of getting malaria, as well as finding treatments if you do get it.

Very different from having the flu or a cold, malaria must be treated with respect and handled in a proper manner. Symptoms are very similar, but this condition can get out of hand if not treated immediately.A person may actually have their symptoms vanish and then reappear in a stronger and more aggressive way. So unless you have no other option, it is a much better idea to seek treatment from someone who can actually help you. Treatments must be supervised by a medical doctor that can actually help you as you go along. Malaria may seem to have gone away if your symptoms disappear however the parasites may still exist which means you are still sick. The symptoms that are no longer there are not always indicative of being cured; seek medical help to make sure you are well.

Modern science has made many breakthroughs in regard to treating malaria and will continue to make more as time progresses. Nitric oxide is also being used, for instance, to treat some strains of this disease. Cerebral malaria, for instance, can be treated with nitric oxide because people that have this particular strain have a nitric oxide deficiency. Studies have shown that, although cerebral malaria is typically fatal, when anti-malaria drugs are used in conjunction with nitric oxide, the survival rate of animals increases dramatically. If this proves to be effective in humans, this will be a major breakthrough, as cerebral malaria is a common cause of death, especially in children, in many parts of the world.

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Treating malaria has shown to be successful in many cases however, if people could avoid getting this disease, they would not have to be treated. Detecting whether or not someone has malaria parasites can be quite tricky – many times they can live in the host for many months before symptoms appear at all. One of the best ways to avoid contracting malaria is to not be bitten by mosquitoes that carry this disease. The best way to avoid mosquitoes in these areas is to stay inside, preferably in rooms that have screens, and to not go out at night when the mosquitoes are awake and moving. If you go outside, always wear some type of insect repellent and wear clothing that can withstand a mosquito attack. http://www.malariatablets.org.uk/malarone.html has extra information.

Anyone that gets malaria should be taken care of as soon as possible as most treatments are only effective if provided early on. Since the first bout of symptoms usually begins a week or so after you’ve been bitten by an infected mosquito, it’s imperative that you seek medical treatment right away. Your body can probably escape any damage if the malaria is treated early enough.

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