My Wife’s Neonatal Nurse Helped Us


I didn’t even know what a neonatal nurse was until my wife gave birth to our third child, a baby boy, who was born eight weeks early and weighed in at only 2lbs 6 oz.

Two and a half pounds! He weight all that. Try picking up two boxes of butter. Place them in your palm. That’s how heavy my son was. That isn’t much weight at all. In fact, that’s about the size of your average squirrel!

My wife was devastated. According to the doctors, there was really nothing that my wife could’ve done to prevent our son from being prematurely born, but she really believed that it wouldn’t have happened if she did some things differently. Here’s where Matthew makes his entrance.

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checkitout My Wifes Neonatal Nurse Helped Us

Matthew was on duty the day my son Jackson was burn. I have to admit I was very surprised to find that infants were being cared for by a male nurse. However, Matthew is an awesome neonatal nurse!

Matthew did his job so well and more. Jackson was well taken care off by Matthew — he was put in an incubator, given intravenous feedings, and administered with the treatments that were necessary to keep premature babies like Jackson alive.

It was Matthew who was by my wife’s side right after she recovered from her emergency C-section. He patiently explained to us what had just happened, as well as what exactly the doctor did for Jackson. He told us what we could look forward to in the next few weeks as our baby got on the road to recovery and put on more weight.

The one thing I’m glad about is that Matthew never once mentioned that our son might not recover. If he had done that, my wife would have continued beating herself up for something that was completely out of her control. In fact, once he discovered that my wife blamed herself for what had happened to our son, Matthew contacted the hospital counselor and asked her to talk to my wife and help her deal with her guilt.

My wife as allowed to go home after a few days, but she was at the hospital every single day. Both of us practically lived at the hospital over the next four weeks as Jackson underwent treatment for jaundice and then for an infection he contracted as well as some respiratory problems.

Through it all Matthew was there, explaining to us what was being done, why the baby had certain tubes in him or was being given certain medications. Matthew helped us into our scrubs so we could hold our son. When Jackson got stronger, Matthew showed us how to feed him. And when the doctor gave Jackson a clean bill of health and said we could take him home with us, Matthew was right there explaining to us what we needed to do to make sure Jackson didn’t get any illnesses or injuries.

Matthew played a huge role in my son’s recovery, as well as helped my wife get through the worst when he made sure she got the counseling she needed. By the time we brought Jackson home, my wife was recovering not just physically, but emotionally as well.

The job can’t be easy. During the month my wife and I were at the hospital every day, we saw other babies there being treated for a variety of illnesses — from jaundice to congenital heart defects to everything in between. Looking at all those babies who had severe medical conditions, Jackson’s being overweight didn’t seem like a big deal. What’s incredible is that Matthew gave the other children and their parents the same attentiveness and patience that he gave us. He was one amazing neonatal nurse practitioner.

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