Tricep Exercise – Cable Tricep Extension


This exercise is aimed at the Tricep muscle, and there are a few variations and ways of executing the exercise. The benefits of using this exercise are that you will build up muscle, mass and strength, while at the same time burning off fat!

You can also adjust the weights used to suit personal preference and fitness levels.

The first exercise we will discuss is the Low Cable Tricep Extension.

Choose the weights needed, and position yourself face up on a row machine seat with a rope attached to it. Ensure that your head is facing the attached rope.

Take hold of the rope ends, with your palms facing together in a neutral grip.

Bend your elbows until they are at a 90-degree angle with your upper arms at 90 degrees to your torso.

Tip: Make sure you keep your elbows tucked in and your upper arms pointed towards the ceiling, while at the same time ensuring that your forearms face towards the pulley over your head. This will now become your starting position.

Keep your upper arms and shoulders static throughout the exercise, and as you exhale, stretch your lower arms out until they are vertical and straight. The forearms are the only part of your arms / shoulders that should move throughout the movement. Make your Tricep contract hard for the count of 3.

As you inhale, return slowly to your starting position.

Do the required number of repetitions of the same movement.

Another variation of the same exercise can be conducted while in the sittingor standing position. This will sometimes help to lessen possible back strain, and if you are recovering from a strain or injury, it is a good way to get back into the Cable Tricep Extension exercise.

Use a bench or a seat that has back support. Sit or stand on the seat or bench, and position yourself so that the back support reaches to just below your shoulders.

With the cable bar situated behind your back or neck, take an overhand, narrow grip, with your elbows positioned overhead.

Stretch forearms slowly until they are straight overhead. Lower arms slowly until they touch the back of the shoulders.

Do the required number of repetitions of the same movement.

Tip: In order to maintain full shoulder flexibility, let the rope or cable attachment pull your arm back.

Yet another variation of the Cable Tricep Extension, can once again be performed while standing. This version of the exercise is probably the least aggressive.

Stand facing your rope or pulley equipment, with the desired weights attached.

Taking hold of the bar in a wide grip, with your palms facing downwards, push the bar down until your arms are extended.

Slowly let your arms rise until they reach chest level.

Do the required number of repetitions of the same movement.

These are just 3 ways in which the Cable Tricep Extension can be utilized. There are many more, all of which benefit arm and chest strength.

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