Know the Characteristics of Silent Migraine and Its Particular Warning Signs


Based on statistics, approximately $15 billion is devoted to diagnosing migraine each year, including the lost work productivity as well as hospital visits. Because diagnosis of silent migraine is difficult, high portion is contributed to the diagnostic screening for the disorder. Visual distortions are prevalent in silent migraine that needs a extensive neurological evaluation so as to rule out any severe causes.

How Silent Migraine is Recognized

The kind of migraine is determined generally through symptoms presented. In this disorder, the supplementary symptoms typically vary from an individual to another. Almost all subtypes of migraine can be Acephalgic or silent, particularly if the headache period is nonexistent. Each and every migraine period could be diagnosed in accordance with the prevalent symptoms. The predrome period frequently involves early indicators that are connected to migraine problems. These normally involve light, smell and noise sensitivity.

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The second period, on the other hand, is combined with auras, color manifestations, short-term loss of sight and blurry eyesight. Again, headache is not included in the warning signs of silent migraine. The last period is the prodrome or resolution period and this includes sense of nausea, exhaustion and dull throbbing. Whenever migraine starts, the best thing that the patient can do is to go for a sleep in a dark room or space.

What Causes Silent Migraine

As reported by eye specialists, migraine afflictions are usually due to the dilation of the blood vessels in the visual cortex or in the portion of the eye, thereby generating visual disturbances generally known as Acephalgic or silent migraine. The constriction of the blood vessels in other regions of the brain, on the other hand, induces predrome and prodrome symptoms. In cases of silent migraine, the constrictions are somewhat gradual and this stops pain receptors from discovering these constrictions therefore headache pain is not present in this sort of migraine disorder.

Preventing Silent Migraine

In order to prevent the episodes, it is crucial to determine the inducers of the disorder. Whenever you can, try writing down your activities for a day, including the odors, lights and sounds which you have experienced as well as the foods you ingested. This will help specify any commonalities and determine what is causing your problem. Bear in mind that staying away from the triggers is the most effective preventive action you could take. If you fail to do it, you could opt for a medication following the diagnosis of the disorder.

Treatment Approaches for Acephalgic or Silent Migraine

The silent migraine treatment usually involves the effective use of beta-blocker, seizure or depression medicines. The available OTC medications can merely handle the pain sensation associated with the problem. As most individuals troubled with silent migraine tend not to encounter pain, these medications will not be capable to control other symptoms.

Beta-blockers are useful in enhancing the blood flow throughout the body, because it helps prevent the recurrence of constrictions. Beta-blockers are considered as the first sort of treatment that an affected person can choose towards migraine disorders. In spite of this, this type of drugs are unsuitable to people with pre-existing heart disease as well as circulatory complications. Epilepsy medications, nevertheless, are helpful in increasing neuronal tolerance, thus blocking the neurological indications of the condition.

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