Look Seven Years Younger in Under a Week


Resolve to do these five habits in the following 7 days and men and women will say you look many years younger.

Sleep eight-9 hrs each and every night. We could all do with obtaining more sleep and most of us survive on six – seven hrs a night but this leaves us fatigued and lacking vitality, not to mention the bags under the eyes. We know that men and women who don’t get adequate sleep are more overweight, suffer more heart issues and cancer, and have a tendency to consume more throughout the day so there is one thing about sleep that probably we don’t completely recognize yet that improves our wellbeing.

In as little as a week you can look and really feel younger by obtaining a couple of added hrs a night. The bags will start to go, your energy will enhance and you’ll discover men and women looking at you considering something about them has changed??!!

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Basically drink more water. Chronic dehydration is rife in the population as we survive on juice, tea, coffee and soft drinks – but what about plain old water? Did you know that your body is 70% water? If you are dehydrated your cells shrink and it is common to have dry skin, lacklustre hair and be all round sluggish. Consider this tip over the course of a week and your skin will regain that glow, your vitality will improve and you’ll really feel wonderful. Times your body weight in kg by .04 and that will inform you how many litres of water you should be drinking throughout the day. However ease into it as if you go from drinking one litre of fluid a day to drinking 2 and a half, you’ll be on the toilet all day. Also try adding a pinch of salt to each and every litre you drink as this will assist your kidneys absorb the water.

It sounds obvious but healthy movement will actually add many years to your existence and if you can get 3 or four exercise sessions accomplished in the following week your friends will be asking you what you have done to search so great. You see it is the endorphin release that comes with working out that can make you look and really feel far better right after working out. Sure you are not going to lose much weight in a week, but by just beginning to workout and feeling far better about yourself you will look and really feel younger.

There are a plethora of supplements on the shelves many with claims that they can make you look younger. I recommend that absolutely everyone consider using a multivitamin and mineral and the antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium in a multivitamin assist to safeguard your entire body from free radical harm. Take for instance somebody who has sun damage to the skin from too much sun bathing – the skin is saggy and wrinkled. It is the free radical harm to the skin from sunlight that causes this aging of the skin and by taking antioxidants in a multivitamin and mineral you can help your body’s natural antioxidant enzymes and safeguard your skin. Taking a multi vitamin and mineral can also assist to give you more powerful and thicker nails and shinier hair which all adds up to seeming younger.

Tension is most likely one of the greatest killers in the western world – the stress of paying your home loan, the stress of travelling to your job, dealing with your boss and work deadlines, dealing with the stress of personal and family relationships all take there toll. This stress adds up to making your look older. Basically employing some stress reduction strategies such as stretching, yoga, deep breathing – what ever works for you can lighten the burden on you and lead a more centred and calmer outlook on life. This will all translate into looking and feeling younger.

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