Why Getting Proper Sleep Is Necessary and the Way to Do It


It not only feels good to have a healthy night sleep, but research indicates that it really is a vital part of our health. It is now thought that insufficient sleep sets off all sorts of irregular responses within our body. What would be considered insufficient sleep? Middle-aged and older people who regularly get less than six hours of sleep per night will not be getting a sufficient amount.

The risk of stroke especially will be significant. For people under the six-hour per night threshold, there is as much as four times the possibility. This doesn’t take in the ones that are obese or have sleep apnea, which by themselves are high danger conditions for stroke. Insufficient sleep has been attributed to what causes elevated blood pressure, and there additionally is indication of some hormones being released. These could place more pressure to the system, resulting in a higher danger of stroke and several additional health problems.

The analysis had been based on data collected on over 5600 people who took part over a three year period. Interestingly enough, these findings only showed a greater danger for stroke for people in the normal weight category, and not for people considered obese. As pointed out before, because of their overweight condition they are already at high jeopardy. The analysis also didn’t attempt to establish a cause-and-effect relationship, other than merely the connection of insufficient sleep and stroke.

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But even lacking in scientific proof, there is some speculation as to why this is. One reason is people who have shortened sleep have higher cortisol levels. It is an important stress hormone which, when elevated, trigger dysfunction with the cells which line and protect the blood vessels, leading to stroke. This may be one essential reason that people who do not have traditional danger conditions like hypertension, obesity as well as diabetes still might have strokes. The causes stroke in about a third of those low-risk people has often been a mystery, and this might be a reason.

As everyone knows, getting a good night sleep is often difficult to execute than just believing it is good for our health. But knowing that there is really a genuine danger may provide some motivation for finding methods to have superior sleep, and one can find things we can do. Some of the factors will be controlling high blood pressure, eating a diet that is balanced and low in calories, never smoking or drinking heavily, regular checkups plus heeding a doctor’s guidance for vascular health are things we can do.

But one of the primary lifestyle improvements we can make to maintain a better sleep regimen is exercise. The relationship between working out and sleep is a crucial one, and everyone can do it, and it’s your best way to lead to excellent results. Everyone that emphasizes preventive maintenance for good health always speak of proper diet and exercise, and for good reason. Those are the two pillars to maintaining our health. But possibly a third pillar needs to be getting a good night’s sleep every night, because they all work jointly for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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