Smooth Fitness 6.75 Treadmill


Smooth Fitness 6.75 Treadmill

Smooth Fitness Smooth 6.75 Treadmill Treadmill 0 0 Smooth Fitness 6.75 Treadmill
Smooth Fitness 6.75 Treadmill

“Smooth 6.75 Treadmill Quality Folding Treadmill for Walking, Jogging or Running. This affordable treadmill is well designed featuring a dual-stage, soft drop folding mechanism, deluxe sound system, hand rail toggle switches and a powerful 3.0 HP continuous-duty motor. SmoothDrop Folding Frame A treadmill shouldn’t require heavy lifting to fold. Softly drop fold the Smooth 6.75 into place and it’s ready for use. When your finished your workout you can then gently tilt the treadmill deck into folding position and easily wheel it away for storage. SmoothSound Audio System Plug your iPod, MP3 player, CD player or other audio device to the auxiliary input jack and be energized as your music blasts out of the Smooth 6.75 two speaker console. ViviClear Dual Color LCD Display The large dual color LCD display lightens up your Smooth 6.75 treadmill screen displaying speed, time, distance, incline, calories burned and heart rate control. Ultra Quiet Whisper Weave Treadbelt Industry experts and customers alike rave about how quietly the Smooth 6.75 operates. Running treadmills are often noisy, but our Whisper Weave technology helps make Smooth treadmills as quiet as any on the market today. QuickChange Hand Rail Toggle Switches The toggle switches are easily accessible on the Smooth 6.75 handrail to not disturb your workout. Simply adjust the 6.75 treadmill incline and speed to change the intensity levels in your workout. SmoothDrive 3.0 HP Continuous Duty Motor Built for long life and complete silence, the Smooth 6.75 treadmill motor operates noise-free and is engineered with an advanced Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuit board more typically found on commercial treadmills. Speed sensors working in conjunction with the PWM ensure smooth speed changes. Im-Pression Shock Absorption Cushioning System The Smooth 6.75 cushioning system helps reduce harmful impact on your joints and back, providing a soft landing for the front foot and firm push-off for the rear foot. Exercise”

Price $ 1532.99

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