6 Issues That May Be Hindering Your Weight Loss


You might be paying closer attention to your food consumption and tiptoeing in to the world of exercising, however the extra pounds are not budging. Here are 6 things that could be holding you back from burning fat, as well as how you can fix them.

1. You are under a lot of tension. Spending the majority of your days stressed out to the greatest extent is a great way to mess up your healthy and balanced lifestyle. Anxiety will cause the body to produce cortisol, a bodily hormone that enables the body to make use of more glucose, which could lead to weight gain. Additionally, stress results in comfort eating, which could definitely trigger your waistline to expand. Evaluate the major stressors in your life and determine what you can delegate, reschedule, or even eradicate to reduce your stress level and jump-start weight loss.

2. You do not track your food consumption. One of the most effective ways to drop some weight is to log anything that you eat and drink every single day, carefully measuring your portions. The procedure can be very enlightening if you have never measured calories before; the portion of spaghetti that you consider “regular” may actually end up being 2 or 3 servings. Keeping a food log in a journal or even online may acquaint you with appropriate serving sizes and give you a better picture of your eating routine as well as calorie consumption. Fat Loss Factor Program provide a cost-free customized food log that you can use to help keep tabs on what you are eating.

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3. You eat too quickly. It requires as much as 20 mins for the belly to tell the brain that you are completely satisfied. If you’re a quick eater, you may eat a lot more calories than you need for you to feel full, leading to that uncomfortably loaded feeling. To keep your eating pace in check, try watching yourself eat looking at a mirror. Are your bites too large? Do you chew your food adequately? Look for ways to slow yourself down, allowing your body to provide you with cues when you are satisfied.

4. You miss your morning meal. Every morning, a shot of carbs and protein provides you with power, and it keeps your metabolic rate higher. Without “breaking” the “fast” of the overnight hrs, the body believes that you are starving, and it is less apt to burn anymore calories than it needs to. This makes you feel lethargic, and it encourages the body to hold on to fats. Eating a healthy morning meal like oat meal, fresh fruit and yogurt, toast and eggs or even a protein shake will improve your metabolism and keep you going till lunch time.

5. Your plates are too huge. The size of dinnerware has crept up through the years, and several dishes now resemble platters. The impulse to fill up your plate can result in overeating and an increase in weight, as your servings are most likely much bigger than they must be. Choose dinner dishes that are absolutely no bigger than 10 inches in diameter, or even make use of a salad plate for the foods.

6. Yet another component that many people don’t think about may be the purpose of the liver. People who have poor liver function often put on pounds and have a very hard time getting rid of it no matter what they do. So if you’re among those people, the first thing you must do is repair your liver functioning. It is actually not that difficult to do. Watch this helpful Fat Loss Factor video for more information.

You may not have thought about exactly how all six of these factors may mess up weight loss efforts. Through repairing these problems, eating well and exercising, your excess weight will begin melting away before long.

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