Facts And Techniques To Apply When Slimming Down With Prescribed Drugs


People that decide that they need to lose weight may opt for a variety of solutions including changing their diet and trying out prescription drugs to lose the extra pounds. Prescription meds are not a cure-all for losing weight, a common mistake that many people assume. The problem with some prescription meds is that they have side effects, something that natural remedies do not have.

Orlistat, also known as Xenical, is a weight loss medication that can be purchased either with or without a prescription, depending on the strength. Alli is another drug that you can get over the counter and by prescription as well; this particular drug is a fat absorption inhibitor. Another way of saying this is that this pill prevents the body from absorbing fat into your system. Simply follow the instructions that come with the pill and you should start to not store as much fat; also look out for the side effects that may be detrimental. It’s also recommended that you take a multivitamin while taking this medication, as there’s the danger that it will block other nutrients as well as fat. Xenical has many safety concerns, including an addiction problem that may happen if taken for too long.

If you want to lose weight, using benzphetamine or Didrex is useful for short-term rapid weight loss. This drug can only be taken in short duration which is why it is essential that you use it in conjunction with an exercise and diet routine. One of the things that Didrex does is stimulate your nervous system which will promote a higher metabolism and also suppress your appetite. The chemical structure of amphetamines and Didrex are very similar, and both share a common side effect of being very addicting. Once you have decided to start a regimen of this particular prescribed drug, your doctor will tell you to avoid taking any other medications. One of the precautions to be aware of concerning this drug is that it may impair your reactions, so it may not be safe to use before driving or any other activity that requires alertness. Alcohol is also something else you should never take once you are on a Didrex regimen for weight loss as it can increase side effects exponentially.

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Building a tolerance for the drug that you take is a definite negative side effect of taking any prescription weight-loss medication. Taking any weight loss medication for 180 days or longer may provoke your system into developing a tolerance for it, negating its effect. Drug tolerance, especially for weight loss pills, science has shown, diminishes its overall effectiveness. So if you have a lot of excess weight to shed, you may not want to place all your bets on a weight-loss drug because once you build a tolerance for it, it will stop working for you. Some people will find themselves gaining all the weight that they lost back in a short period of time. Keeping them off after you stop using the dieting pills is possible as long as you continue to diet and exercise regularly.

Taking prescription drugs for weight loss is controversial because of the many side effects that these medications have, and because of their limited long term effectiveness. Extremely obese people will benefit, however, from such dieting pills simply because they need to lose the weight as fast as possible and by doing so they will improve their health dramatically.

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