Ultimate Gum Solution- Dental Hygiene to Avoid Gum operations


I have been having problems with bleeding gums for years. Each time I brush my teeth, I often see spots of blood either on my toothbrush or in my spit in the sink, at first I didn't get too concerned about it, until I stumbled upon an article online that wrote that bleeding gums could be signs of a something serious than just using a hard toothbrush.

I came upon another site that talked about Ultimate Gum Solution and decided to give it a try, it says it's all natural and had no side effects, so I did. Eventually, the bleeding stopped, and my teeth and gums feel healthier than ever! So happy with the product, would recommend to anyone who are having dental problems.

It isn’t hard to avoid root canal and gum operations when you follow the instruction. Please do not give up regular maintenance and prevent your gum disease and toothache.

Sung Lee, creator of Ultimate Gum Solution was deternined to look for his own solution from his
chronic gum disease which did cost him more than $25,000 with two big major gum surgeries with partials for more than 50 years. And later was inspired by Dr. Weston Price’s DDS. Research info, the cause of dental decay is nutritional deficiencies . Focal infection theory – How the bacteria in teeth act much like cancer cells that metastasize to other parts of the body(heart, kidneys, joints and more). Physical degeneration by nutritional deficiencies.

These research theories are tested and experimented by a dental research specialist Dr. Weston Price, DDS. With most qualified 60 American scientists lab team conducted under the auspices of the
American Dental Association and its Research Institute. And This theory was supported and endorsed by the most famous 60 American doctors such as Dr. Charles Mayo who established Mayo Clinic later. This document was published with 1174 pages in two volumes in 1923. (Root Canal Cover-Up by Dr. George Meinig,DDS.) Sung Lee, as an inventor of Ultimate Gum Solution has followed Dr. Price’s DDS research theory and tested and experimented for the last 11 years with no side effects with thousands of customers world wide. By supplying 100% natural nutritional solution with more than 100 ingredients to the teeth through the dentin tubules , the teeth and gums are nourished by
nutritional solution and kill the gum bacteria in the decay process by strengthening immune system. Inventor, Sung Lee, has never been to dentist office for the last 11 years and did not spend a penny for dental bill.

These statements are not evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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