Yeast Infection Causes – Repeated Infections Need To Not Be Ignored


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There are many causes for yeast infections and, in order to properly treat your yeast infection, you have to know what caused it. Yeast infections can be bad enough if you only have one, but if they keep coming back that’s really disheartening. Don’t treat yourself if you don’t know the cause of your yeast infection. It’s imperative that you visit your health care practitioner right away to get a proper diagnosis. Your problem could be as simple as an allergy to a personal or household product that you regularly use. Other than that, the recurring yeast infections could be caused by some factor not connected to an allergic reaction to something you are using. Yeast infections are easy to treat and the cause is usually obvious. However, with recurrent yeast infections, you need to find the root cause.

One very common cause of the yeast infection is from exposure to antibiotics. There is some variability when it comes to how sensitive a woman is to this situation. Some women will experience the condition if they take a particular type of antibiotic, while others will develop an infection every time they take them. Many women will simply have this occur if their antibiotic treatment continues for too long. What may be surprising is that some can develop an infection due to the use of antibacterial soaps. Many people don’t understand that these types of soaps kill the wrong bacteria that help prevent yeast infections from developing.

One procedure you can follow to find out why you have frequent yeast infections is to start looking at the type of clothes you wear and your daily hygiene. The best choice of fabric for underwear – and actually the most comfortable – is 100% cotton with no dyes or bleaches. A moist environment is the ideal venue for Candida albicans to thrive, so review the type of clothes you wear and make sure they give your body some space to breathe. You may not see it, but the Candida albicans yeast stay alive in your clothing for a while. This is especially true of your underwear if you have had a vaginitis. So obviously any person should practice good personal hygiene which would include daily changes of underwear. It’s of extreme importance if you have, or had, a yeast infection to keep your clothes laundered daily, especially those items that came into contact with your yeast infection.

Women can also get very bad infections in the vaginal area if damage has occurred to the membranes in the vagina or the vulva itself. Present in many locations on your body are yeast cells that thrive and grow everyday. The reason they do not get out of hand is that the body naturally handles them by itself. Excessive friction around or in the vagina will induce yeast infections especially if there is damage. Yeast infections will definitely develop if this type of irritation perpetuates. If you choose to lubricate this area, using Vaseline is not a good idea because it is a petroleum-based product.

The are many challenging situations because of all the different causes of yeast infections, especially if they keep coming back. Your best bet of course is to always talk to your doctor even the first time it occurs. When you are being treated for a disease with antibiotics or prescriptions, and your doctor doesn’t talk about getting yeast infections as a possibility, you probably should find another.

Those actions can easily aid you not only to eliminate candidiasis but also to eliminate some other infections including bacterial vaginosis infection.

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