Common Symptoms of Depression


Depression affects a lot of people. This is why it is often referred to as the common cold of psychological illnesses. We may feel down and lonely from time to time. However, when the feeling of desperation and emptiness take hold on you and won’t go away, then, you could be suffering from depression. When you are depressed, enjoying life and performing your everyday routine can be so difficult. Even getting past the day could be tough. But no matter how fed-up you feel, it helps to know that everything can be all right. And the first step towards getting better is to understand the signs, causes and treatments for depression. Here are a few of the common signs of depression.

1. You are over confident and fearless – Some people suffering from depression act differently from how they really feel. Psychologists call this escapism and it is common among over-achievers. Engaging in intense activities such as taking over a rival company or resigning from work to start a new business gives you the feeling of being invincible and powerful. But deep inside you’re really scared and insecure. Aside from being born with biochemical imbalances, the common cause of depression is the feeling of being powerless and losing control. Over-achievers hate these feelings and they will do everything to deny it through their actions.

2. Alcoholism – Drinking alcohol is one of the most common things people do to drive emotional pains away. Unfortunately, using alcohol as anesthesia to endure the pain you’re feeling, it is most likely that you will end up with two disorders.

3. Loss of interest in what you usually do – When you are depressed, you could lose your ability to enjoy life. The simple things that make you happy may also be forgotten such as doing your hobbies, pastimes and other social activities.

4. You work hard but you don’t work smart – People who are depressed find it hard to make appropriate solutions to their problems. Instead of figuring out a way to get to the root of their troubles, they tend to do more of the same things over and over again. For example, those who are having marital problems may spend too much time at the gym instead of going through a relationship counselling Melbourne. This is because the extra time they spend working out briefly lifts their spirits. But once they’re out of the treadmill, they realize that the problem is there.

5. Things have inappropriate effect on you – When your behavior is emotionally in conflict with the stimulus that triggered it, you may be suffering from depression. For example, crying when the situation calls for laughter or laughing when you should be crying. The absence of appropriate feelings could make it challenging for you to control your emotions.

When you notice that you have some of the symptoms discussed in this article, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help or have a neuropsychological assessment in Melbourne.

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