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Eat Stop Eat is a dieting eBook created by nutritionist Brad Pilon that advocates that the secret to weight reduction is actually bouts of eating then fasting. Created for men and women Brad teaches dieters how to use flexible short periods of fasting of just one day with strength bearing exercises. Dieters don’t have to follow any sort of diet plan from Brad and the concise eBook is about 90 pages long and designed so dieters can sit down and read all the information they need in one sitting.

The 24 hour fasting period is just done once a week for beginners. The fasting is made to help detoxify the body and get the body to start burning more calories than you consume, creating a caloric deficit necessary for fat burning. Brad also states that the fasting will give you more self-control over cravings and hunger, which can help you make smarter decisions about the food you eat to assist in weight loss.

By fasting, dieters also reduce the cost of food and are able to pick up their productivity on fasting day. On regular eating days, there is no calorie counting, no special foods to eat, no food journals or any other traditional diet tools. Dieters can continue to go out to restaurants and eat meals using their friends. Several times a week you set in weight training exercises to support weight loss. For all those worried that fasting can make them grumpy or decrease their levels of energy dieters actually report opposite effects. Feelings of increased energy and productivity have been reported by users from the system.

If you will lose weight around the program some dieters may take a few weeks to adjust to skipping meals every day and night, however, you’re going to get used to the procedure after a while. People with diabetes, blood sugar levels problems or taking any prescription drugs should talk to their doctor before beginning East Stop Eat since fasting may not be healthy of these individuals.

Eat Stop Eat comes with a solid 8-week money back guarantee, giving to even the most skeptical of dieters an opportunity to determine if the program will help them to lose weight. Plus since the product is ordered online and in eBook form, dieters can begin reading and implementing the strategies discussed immediately after downloading. Eat Stop Eat is sold in 2 different packages that dieters can choose between. Pay only $40 for the eBook or get the Ultimate Package including tons of extras made to help you realize why you are overweight and assist you in burning fat faster.

The best Package includes the load loss program in addition to a 10 day booster program for maximizing results. An audio program on why diets cease working and how fasting will assist you to burn more fat is supplied. Expert information for bodybuilders to use the plan along with supplement and power lifting guidance is also included. The entire Ultimate Package costs around $60.

In most, Eat Stop Eat is a really simple system to follow along with. You will love lacking to eliminate entire food groups or spend hours every day trying to take into account every calorie you consume. If you want a simple program that will help you take charge of food cravings and addictions while melting fat and boosting calories expended Eat Stop Eat is the answer

Click here is a new innovative technique for losing weight. It totally blows away that old draconian calorie control diet. Created by an expert within the weight loss field, Brad Pilon, it is one of the few weight loss programs available, that not only gets you slim and keeps you slim, but it is also an enjoyable experience.

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