Why Women Have a More challenging Time Shedding Body fat


If you’re a woman that has ever attempted to shed some pounds, you have probably already realized that girls simply have a tougher time keeping shape than men. Sadly, women do naturally preserve more extra fat than their male counterparts – plus they often carry it in the most inopportune regions of the body, including the butt and thighs. The truth is that ladies are genetically designed to store excess fat in different ways than males – this is likely a product of generations of protection against malnutrition or even starvation while pregnant. Naturally, in developed nations the chances of starving to death while pregnant are low, and many of us simply want to reduce those unsightly body fat.

If you’re searching for a reason why you’re having a bit of extra flab on your own lower body, chances are the culprit is a sneaky enzyme known as lipoprotein lipase. It’s found in fat cells in women’s lower bodies, and leads to to excessive fat storage.

As sort of a double edged sword, this same enzyme not only causes unwanted fat to get stored easily, but makes it very difficultto get rid of once there. This combination of effects can make dieting and exercise particularly frustrating for most women.

While most people have a tough time seeing anything good in that we can not shed undesirable lower body fact, this cloud does have a bit of a silver lining. Lower extra fat doesn’t cause the health risks associated with fats on the abdomen – the kind of fat men more commonly have trouble with.

Additionally, while it may be tricky for ladies to reduce fat deposits on their own lower body, it is absolutely not impossible. Simple changes in lifestyle for instance eating better and regular exercise can help women reduce as much as 15% of their extra fat over time.

To properly take advantage of your exercise routine, it is crucial for women to include strength training within their routines. It is because strength training increases muscle mass, which in turn increases metabolism.

In the long term, women shouldn’t let inherited genes scare them away from developing our bodies they want as it can undoubtedly be done. Simply making good lifestyle choices is usually a great starting point – and having practical goals are able to keep you motivated to see your efforts through.

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