How To Have Healthy Hair and Beauty


All women desire healthy and beautiful hair. We desire shiny locks like we see on television. We want the hair that men will salivate over. However, hair health and beauty is not as simple as they make it out to be on TV. Years of over using products and frying our hair with blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons have caused a lot of damage to women’s hair.

the Basics of Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Since the beauty of our hair is inextricably linked to the health of our hair, it is necessary to maintain our hair’s health in order to keep the hair looking as beautiful as possible. Did you know that hair is actually dead once it leaves your scalp? However, hair can continue to draw nutrition from the living skin on our scalp to keep its shine and color. This is why keeping your scalp healthy is the answer to keeping your hair health and beauty at an optimum point. Hair has a life span of about three to seven years, so if you have gone more than that long without a haircut, you may find that your hair is brittle and dry and that nothing you can do will fix that. If this is the case, then you need to have the seriously dry and brittle ends of your hair cut off. In addition, do not worry if you see hair on your hairbrush or in the shower—it is normal to lose around one hundred pieces of hair daily.

Hair Health And Beauty Tips

Now that you understand the root of hair health and beauty, here are some tips on keeping your hair healthy and attractive at all times. Using organic health and beauty products are not necessary to keep your hair looking and feeling great. Instead, just follow these tips. First, when you brush your hair use a comb instead of a brush. Combing is far less damaging than brushing your hair. Make sure that you work from the bottom up and do not simply try to stick a comb in your hair and pull. Instead, be very gentle and work at a slow, steady pace. Also if at all possible, do not comb your hair when it is wet as this can increase hair loss. In addition, when you get out of the shower simply wrap your hair and leave it. Do not rub your hair or scrub it with the towel as this can increase hair loss.

However, contrary to popular belief, washing your hair will not increase hair loss. Washing your hair cleans your hair, and it is important to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. Hair health and beauty myths are many, so do not get taken in by them.

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