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You’ve read all sorts of tips and advice about how to build some meaty muscle. You’ve probably even heard it directly from a gym instructor or maybe an older cousin who had his own six-pack stories to tell. Truth is, whether you’re a hardgainer or a regular gym buff with a lot of muscled dreams, there could only be three things to remember. First, eat the right foods in the right amounts. If you’re going to build muscle, you’re going to need a lot of that stuff that muscles are made of – protein. Everything from drinks to desert should be protein-based to make sure you’re getting as much of this power nutrient holed up in your body. Protein-rich food include meat, the darker ones being the richest, nuts and seeds, tofu, eggs, milk and cheese. If you’re unsure just how much protein you need daily, take your body weight in kilograms and multiply it by .8 or in pounds by .37. Whatever amount you come up with must be distributed in multiple servings all through out the day. While proteins supply the building blocks of muscle, carbohydrates propel their growth. This is important for all muscle builders to realize because when carbohydrates are insufficient, the proteins will not be fueled enough to reach their maximum potential for manufacturing muscle fibers. Besides, when the body cannot produce enough energy from carbohydrates, it will start utilizing protein deposits which, of course, further limits muscle growth. Thus, when you want to build, build with these two together. However, for those who typically metabolize their food faster, hardgainer supplements will help fill in the gaps . Second, lift the right weights the right way. Lifting too light will give you endurance while lifting too heavy will enhance your power. But since you want to be growing muscle, pump the iron you can’t pump any more than six to eleven times each set. This is the standard weight that will get your body manufacturing those muscle fibers that eventually create the bulk. Free weights also work better than machines because they allow you to achieve an ideal body form for each movement to be performed with precision. This is, of course, important because a bad form predisposes you to injury and even eats away at poundage already gained. Third, lift with the right variations. Three weeks is all it takes for your body to adapt to anything new so if you want to keep that muscle growing, you have to catch it off-guard every now and then. Your muscles grow in size to compensate for the additional stress you put it through. When the level of training is constant, your body will stop interpreting it as stress and stops responding. It will find no reason to compensate, hence, the muscle stops growing. People who typically take longer to build muscle will benefit from a hardgainer’s workout program. When coupled with a specially designed hardgainer nutrition regimen, these ectomorphs may well be on their way to growing the bulk.

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