Four Steps For Fighting Panic Without Medication


Each person has something stressful in his or her life. Stress is stress no matter where it comes from, work or home. Most of us can deal with stress very well. They have no major issues when it comes to handling stress. They can deal with stress without major issues.

On the other hand some folks are unable to deal with stress well. They may end up with a number of physical and psychological problems. This often causes people to turn to drugs and alcohol in order to solve their problem. Some people learn that they have become addicted to medications they turned to for help.

Help exists. Dealing with stress and anxiety can be dealt with another way. There are methods of dealing with everyday stress. The employment of stress and anxiety management strategies is the way forward. But what are they?

How To Deal With Stress Without Medication: Steps To Take

Step 1 – Recognize Your Stressor

One of the first steps on how to handle with anxiety without drugs goes into recognizing what the factors behind the anxiety and stress. Is there are a particular situation or person that’s causing your anxiety problem? After answering these questions you have to begin to avoid them. The you have to do it as much as you can.

Step 2 – Breaking Away and Getting a Handle on Yourself

The second step to dealing with stress without medication is to take a break. This will let you get a better grip on what is causing you anxiety. You can then come back to the issue with a better attitude.

Step 3 – Change How You React

The next step is to change how you react to the stressor. Prioritizing your thoughts as well as you tasks is an important way of moving forward with this. Sharing your feelings with someone who understands, like a support group or close friend, is very helpful in handling with stress.

Step 4 – Letting the Stress Go

Letting go of the stress is the fourth step to handling anxiety without drugs. This will take a lot of practice but it can be done.

Other Ways to Deal With Anxiety and Stress

There are other ways to handle with stress besides the ones above. How to deal with anxiety without medication besides the four steps above? Here are some examples:

– Focus on something that is not stressful
– Meditation
– Listening to music
– Reading
– Exercise
– Journaling

Are you still interested in stress management without medication? Consider being healthier. Get a full night’s sleep and take in some regular exercise. You will have the strength to deal with stress if you eat right and take in a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Keeping a positive perspective on life as best you can is the main focus of dealing with stress without a medication. If it seems you can’t do that and feel you need help, consider speaking with a therapist about your concerns. A therapist can then medication if you need medication.


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