Yoga Blocks, What Are They Good For?


You’ll make sure to put your yoga blocks in your yoga bag once you’ve experienced their many benefits to your practice. Yoga blocks have plenty of uses, but before we detail what they can do for you, and the many types that are purchasable, let’s talk a little about Yoga, itself.

What Yoga Practice Can Do for You

Yoga practitioners have found that regular yoga practice awakens both mind and body! Yoga practice involves unburdening your mind and becoming totally aware of each pose. This enhances inner awareness. Habitual yoga practice advances a healthy body through proper breathing for more oxygenation, greater flexibility for ease of motion, added muscle strength for confident movement, and perfect alignment for enhanced energy flow. The goal of yoga practice is to create a union between the body, mind and spirit.

Patience is not only a virtue, it is the “key” to mastering a yoga pose, specially when combined with ample time and commitment. Do not expect perfect poses in the beginning. But, slowly over time, as you practice and make an effort to perform each pose perfectly, without pushing yourself too far physically or beating yourself up mentally, you will notice that you are developing flexibility, strength, and energy physically and feeling more peaceful and clear mentally.

Choose a fresh, peaceful space for your practice area, if possible with a bare floor and an accessible wall. It’s important to turn off your cell phone while practicing your yoga routines to avoid any distraction. Preferably, you should not eat for at least 2 hours before practicing. If this is not possible, then try to eat something light, such as a piece of fruit, but no more than 1 hour before you start your yoga practice.

Always be mindful with your movements, and if you encounter pain or discomfort as you try a pose, pause or stop, and then try again.

Yoga props and accessories, such as yoga mats, yoga bolsters, yoga straps, yoga blocks, yoga mat bags, and even a yoga towel are designed to assist you in moving deeper into a pose, in performing a flawless pose, and in practicing in a wholesome way.

Good reasons to consider using yoga props:

  • Pain relief and body comfort
  • Prevent injury
  • Release tension and provide support
  • Maintain proper alignment
  • Enhance movement
  • Open up the joints
  • Deepen awareness, development mindfulness

Yoga Blocks

Comfort, or rather the nonexistence of it, can often make yoga beginners end their routine before they’ve barely begun! Yoga blocks can aid anyone, but especially novices, to feel more relaxed during yoga practice because yoga blocks aid to improve alignment. Some standing yoga poses include one hand being on the floor. In other words, the floor can seem a long way down for someone just starting out. Think of a yoga block as adding length to your arm. By situating your hand on the block, you will be able to do the standing poses accurately while you are in the process of developing your flexibility. A yoga block is a wonderful transitional aid.  In addition, several sitting poses make use of a yoga block.  A yoga block aids you in going a lot farther in your practice, and maybe even in your life. Who could ask for more from something so “square.”

Yoga blocks come in a variety of materials. To name a few: Foam blocks are durable and lightweight, an easy add to your yoga mat bag! Wooden blocks are also not heavy and hollow, yet virtually indestructible (even Fido would find one hard to destroy!). Finally, there is the ever-so-green cork block.  An extra bonus is that the natural makeup of the cork gives some extra traction.

Yoga blocks are more often than not sold individually but, for adaptability, you’ll probably want to buy a few.


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