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The line of optimum nutrition protein has a wide range of dietary products for people who work out. Their formulas are derived from casein, whey, egg and soy. Each of these types of proteins have different characteristics and preferred over one another for various reasons.

The post offers a brief explanation of each of the different varieties of Optimum Nutrition Protein:

Casein – casein is made from milk. The main feature is that the casein protein is a slow-burning energy. This helps the person more energy longer as well as a longer metabolism.

Whey – The purest form of the protein is isolated from whey proteins. This is regarded by many as the nutritionally complete protein you can intake.

Eggs – Eggs are used to build muscle. Egg protein has a nutritional value of 7 egg whites (24 g protein).

Soy – Soy protein is ideal for vegetarians and those who are lactose intolerant. It has no fat or cholesterol and is low in carbohydrates. 

Whatever the Optimum Nutrition Protein you choose, you can be sure that you will always get the right amount of supplements you need as well as the right nutritional value. 

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