Fat Burning Furnace Helped Me Create My Lean Body


The Founder of the fat loss and fitness website Lean Body Ignition lost a massive 40 lbs of excess fat using the Fat Burning Furnace – less than 2 hours per week without a cardio machine to be seen anywhere… his name is Dave G. Before discovering this program, he had used just about every other diet or exercise option available. They all resulted in out outcome – utter frustration.

Clearly there had to be a better way.

Despite the expanding literature on the fat loss benefits of high intensity (or metabolic) resistance training, it is amazing how many people you still see for hours on end on the cardio machines in the local gym.

There are many other huge myths surrounding the health and fitness industry, each costing you a significant amount of cash but maybe more importantly… they are mostly a waste of time. It’s difficult not to be taken in by the miracle fad diets, the fat burning pills and the calorie zapping cardio machines. Unfortunately, they are simply ineffective at burning fat.

It’s so easy to succumb to the infomercials.

But there is no miracle overnight solution to fat loss. It takes time, effort, discipline and a fat loss program that works.

Fat Burning Furnace, the popular on-line weight loss system worked for Dave G. He was able to lose an incredible 40 lbs by using the basic principles of this program: basically eating correctly and adopting metabolic resistance workouts 2-3 times per week.

“In my younger days I had always been lean. It’s only when I picked up the Fat Burning Furnace did I realise why,” says Lean Body Ignition founder, Dave G.

He continues, “I always enjoyed playing the more demanding sports such as soccer. I also liked to lift weights 2-3 times per week down the gym but I never touched the cardio machines. I generally ate pretty well making sure that I had a good mix of complex carbs, lean sources of protein and plenty of vegetables. Once I had the Fat Burning Furnace, I immediately knew that these were identical principles to those that I had used in my younger days.”

Fat Burning Furnace provides a no-nonsense guide to fat loss by focusing on metabolic resistance training and sound nutrition. By creating lean muscle, the body burns more calories at rest because muscle increases metabolic activity. Muscle is an efficient fat burner. Coupled with an eating plan that focuses on well-balanced small-portioned meals to eliminate food cravings, Fat Burning Furnace is a great way to get rid of excess fat effectively.

It certainly allowed Dave G to start living his life again. He eliminated 40 unwanted lbs and created Lean Body Ignition to help guide and educate others who are frustrated with their inability to lose weight.

For additional information on this program, visit Fat Burning Furnace Review. The Fat Burning Furnace program is available for on-line purchase in electronic format for immediate download.

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