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Oral herpes, fever blisters are all various names given to the same ailment – cold sores which give rise to painful reddish blisters filled with fluid all around the mouth, lips and nose of a person. A cold sore occurs as a result of a viral infection, simplex type 1 (HSV-1) virus, which is contagious and stays life long in the human body. The attack of the virus can happen anytime and often when you are least expecting it turning you suddenly from a confident person with a person affected by sores.

It obviously does not take an intelligence of rocket scientists to know that they for sure are not just unattractive little beastly things but, are immensely uncomfortable for a person suffering from one due to its stinging qualities. How should one get the cold sore treatment then?

Well, to begin with, these cold sores are like having children. First it must be understood that like children these sores will not completely vanish or disappear from your life but can only be controlled for some time in as much the same manner as controlling unruly children. While it is difficult to prevent cold sores it is possible to contain the attack, in the sense that the length and the intensity of the attack can be controlled but cold sore treatment does not promise a complete sudden return to better health.

Get a dose of anti viral treatment and one of the best that is recommended is acyclovir or Zovirax® as it is pharmaceutically known. You might question why Acyclovir? Acyclovir, is recommended as it ensures that the virus attack is contained to already infected areas and it will also work in bringing down the time frame of the attack. People suffering from cold sores must follow rigorous care to ensure that this extremely contagious ailment is not passed on to others or even to other parts of the infected person’s body.

Personal hygiene routine should include regular washing of hands and ensuring that the affected areas are not touched frequently. Acyclovir can be taken either in oral medication or ointment form and some times, on the suggestion of a doctor, both for the effective recovery.

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