Tips To Disguise And Minimize Tummy Fat


Belly fat! We all know what it is: it’s stubborn, clingy, and annoying. Like so many ex’s in the world, we just want our stomach flab gone! There are so many diets out there that swear they know how to lose belly fat and that they’ll get rid of it, but nothing really works. Sadly, you can’t get a restraining order on it so you’ll have to find some other way.

Fiber is an important part of our diets. It allows our intestines and stomachs to work properly. Fiber is found in many foods and its entire point and purpose is to encourage our bodies to effectively move and release waste products. Eating oatmeal can help you immensely as long as you remember to stay away from the sugared versions. Take plain oatmeal and spice it up with cinnamon, a small amount of sweetener, and some berries and you’re good to go.

Now, we touched a little bit on it in the last paragraph but we really need to talk about bathroom breaks. We know women don’t talk about it often but it’s an important bodily function. The faster and more often you go the better… Within a safe amount, we mean. When you’re sick you’re sick. But seriously: you should set out some time in each day for movements. Don’t force it or rush. Just relax and your body will too.

Eating right is fine and dandy. Over time it will significantly change your appearance. Still, we like immediate results, don’t we? Knowing we’re going to look good later is not always enough motivation to keep us going. Not when there are chocolate-chip muffins out there (don’t go get one!). Instead improve your posture; this will help your stomach look flatter.

We’ve all seen it: a big girl tries to squeeze herself into a pair of hip jeans and only draws attention to the fact that she doesn’t fit in them. We all whisper behind our hands and wonder “Why doesn’t someone help her?” Well, don’t be that girl… Yeah, we’re talking to you. You might not be able to redo your entire wardrobe but at the very least, dress for your body type. Keep in mind that if you can’t breathe in something you’re wearing then your curves probably can’t either. They’ll want out and that’s not pretty.

Another great and almost effortless way to have an effect on your tummy is to watch what you drink. You know soft drinks are empty calories and juices can be more sugar than juice. Get rid of that junk and substitute it for good old, water. If you don’t like water try herbal teas.

You may not have the time, energy, or money to go down to the gym three times a week. No one is mad at you but what you should try to squeeze in is a thirty minute walk. That’s right, just thirty minutes! It won’t burn as much as a gym visit but it will get your metabolism going and help you digest easier and quicker.

It’s hard to keep optimistic when there are so many diets out there that swear up and down that they are the answer to how to lose belly fat, and that they will rid us of belly fat. What we often don’t realize is that this stuff is so stubborn, not because we’re not trying but because we have poor habits. Simple changes can have a big impact on fat burning, just stick with them!

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