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PWL PLS K100 2 PowerLung Active Series Sport

The PowerLung Sport was designed for high performance athletes and has the highest resistance of the PowerLung Active Series. This model is especially recommended for anyone involved in a sport that requires breath control. The PowerLung Sport model is best for improving lung performance for activities such as: Cycling SCUBA Free Diving Firefighting Rowing Running Soccer Strength Training Conditioning Swimming Track & Field Triathlon Regardless of the sport or activity you engage in, all aspects of your performance are limited by your breathing function. The PowerLung Sport is proven to work the 12 sets of muscles used for breathing and significantly improve lung capacity and performance. Independent studies demonstrate that PowerLung increases respiratory muscle strength for both inhale and exhale. These studies have documented the following: More than 40% increases in inhale muscle power. More than 150% increases in exhale muscle power. More than 25% increases in tidal volume. More than 20% increases in peak exhalation. Please contact us for references and/or copies of these studies and more. Advantages of using PowerLung: Strengthen respiratory muscles Increase lung capacity Higher aerobic capacity Improved Endurance Lower Respiratory Rate Lower Cardiac Rate Stronger Core Body Muscles Every PowerLung Includes: User Guide Booklet, User Guide DVD-Video, Zipper Carrying Case, PowerLung Washer Sample & Product Registration Card. Manufacturer Warranty. Click Here to Read our PowerLung Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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PWL PLS K100 2 PowerLung Active Series Sport

Athletes know the many advantages of a good and reliable training program. Not only will it condition their muscles and train them to be responsive to the needs of their sport or activity, but it also prepares their bodies to perform at peak levels. This can be greatly improved through the use of the PowerLung Sport breathing trainer. Designed especially for those who are all ready physically fit, the PowerLung Sport uses higher resistance to challenge the muscles and breathing apparatus of the athlete. This will improve their overall breathing control and increase their capabilities. The PowerLung Sport is a workout on its own and delivers a marked improvement in the breath control of the individual. This is of benefit to more than athletes however, and can be a great way for anyone who must control oxygen delivery and challenge their personal thresholds on a regular basis. This means that fire fighters, divers and even musicians or public speakers can meet any increasing demands placed upon their breathing muscles and respiratory systems without fail. Studies have revealed that athletes receive at least twenty-five percent more air per exhalation or inhalation after training with the PowerLung Sport, and that they tend to require at least two breaths fewer per minute when training with the PowerLung is incorporated into their training programs. Specifications: Fully adjustable inhale and exhale settings. Designed for comfortable use and grip. Includes: user’s manual, instructional DVD and CD training, carrying case, equipment cleanser, registration information. Warranty: 1 year through manufacturer.

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Respiration is so fundamental and dependable a physical process, that we are apt to take it for granted. We tend to overlook its importance and the miracle that it is, giving us the gift of life, the joy in singing, and enabling us to speak and communicate our thoughts.

The majority of our breaths are taken unconsciously, with many being taken in the hours of sleep. But we expect that in sleep the breath will continue, and it does so – a potent reminder of the absolute faith that we place in nature and this natural process every time we go to sleep. 

The yogis over many centuries of observation of human breathing have amassed valuable information about the breath in relation to all aspects of the human psyche with the aim to employ this knowledge in assisting those seeking to improve not only physical and psychological health but their spiritual life also.

Learning breath control produces physical results and psychological benefits beyond the most obvious one that maintains and even strengthens the hold we have on life, through the link between body and soul. Not only does conscious breathing increase body energy but deeper breathing, in particular, stimulates all our mental faculties and sharpens our spiritual awareness.

We will feel more vital and in better mental health if we remember to increase our capacity to breathe deeply, the more energy we will have – it is that simple.

Discover more about breathing for mental fitness!  Your yoga teacher will help you.

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