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Psychological health is to be taken really seriously, and quite arguably it is more important than our physical well-being. Because if you aren’t mentally stable, chances are you won’t be capable to deal with the countless challenges which are part of life. Let’s face it, we all encounter periods when we feel depressed, frustrated, annoyed and just want to isolate ourselves. In such periods, we may handle it by going to sleep or finding a corner and just cry away the misery. For most of us this works, as the period will pass and then we can resume our regular life. On the other hand, some people will undergo lengthy periods of depression which demands immediate medical attention. A lack of medical care could result within the condition getting worse.

When we are mentally healthy, we are capable to face the challenges of life and find solutions to them without losing our minds. In turn, if we have an inability to handle life’s pressures and challenges like losing a job, having a tragic death in your family, failing an exam or a having a prolonged period of sickness, then it could be caused by a hereditary element, genetic element, or an injury to your brain.

Anyone suffering from a psychological disorder for example depression, anxiety, or panic attacks, should receive immediate medical care. They should not be left on their own to resolve their problems, simply because they will be unable to help themselves. What these persons will need is a medical specialist who is a expert within the field of psychological health to help them recover from their psychological sickness. Psychological sickness is really similar to physical sickness in that the persons who are physically sick can’t help themselves and it is no fault of their own.

In cases where people fall ill mentally, they will need lots of emotional comfort and support, too as efficient counseling to resolve all underlying problems, to ensure that they can return to their regular life. If a doctor assess them and discovers the root cause from the depression and mood swings, then he may recommend some form of treatment for them or prescribe some anti-depressants to help them recover.

One from the major problems with psychological health illnesses is that most people who are affected by psychological problems are refusing to talk about the problem and occasionally refusing to seek expert medical help due to the gross misunderstandings and misconceptions from the general society concerning psychological health problems. Although we are living in a highly technological era filled with innovative and modern ideas, the attitude and behaviors from the public towards people troubled by psychological health problems has not changed, mainly simply because most people refuse to see even a psychiatrist for help or even get treatment simply because of fear of what somebody may say about them.

The great thing is that social, medical and Governmental organizations have now made it their point of duty to educate the general public concerning psychological health problems to ensure that anybody experiencing psychological health problems will be at liberty to consult with a medical expert to resolve the problem.

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Respiration is so fundamental and dependable a physical process, that we are apt to take it for granted. We tend to overlook its importance and the miracle that it is, giving us the gift of life, the joy in singing, and enabling us to speak and communicate our thoughts.

The majority of our breaths are taken unconsciously, with many being taken in the hours of sleep. But we expect that in sleep the breath will continue, and it does so – a potent reminder of the absolute faith that we place in nature and this natural process every time we go to sleep. 

The yogis over many centuries of observation of human breathing have amassed valuable information about the breath in relation to all aspects of the human psyche with the aim to employ this knowledge in assisting those seeking to improve not only physical and psychological health but their spiritual life also.

Learning breath control produces physical results and psychological benefits beyond the most obvious one that maintains and even strengthens the hold we have on life, through the link between body and soul. Not only does conscious breathing increase body energy but deeper breathing, in particular, stimulates all our mental faculties and sharpens our spiritual awareness.

We will feel more vital and in better mental health if we remember to increase our capacity to breathe deeply, the more energy we will have – it is that simple.

Discover more about breathing for mental fitness!  Your yoga teacher will help you.

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