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Unfortunately, getting old is a truth of life for every person and for a man that usually features lowered or even loss of sex drive entirely. Thankfully, Mountain Song has actually developed an all herbal supplement that may help to recover your sex drive back to its typical level. It presents a formula that features many of the most potent herbs that have been used for centuries to address reduced libido in males.

The formula is made from a combination of more than fourteen ingredients including natural extractions to create the perfect formula to restore any kind of guy’s libido back to healthy levels. Numerous of these extracts have been used across the world for centuriesmillennia to deal with male strength.

In addition to the increase in sexual libido, lots of evaluators additionally liked the fact that they felt a wonderful amount of increase in their overall energy.

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This supplement is a mix of herbs and extractions typically used to raise strength, stamina and male sex drive. Additionally included are herbs that raise circulation and blood flow. Maximum Male Potency formula is a synergistic blend of vitamins and herbs long recognized for their contribution to total well-being.


Senstra Sexual Performance Product for Women! Senstra is designed especially for women who wish to enhance sexual pleasure, libido, stamina, orgasms, lubrication, climaxes and overall sexual satisfaction and performance. Many women experience a decrease in sexual desire or satisfaction due to contributing factors such as stress, depression, childbirth, menopause or hormonal fluctuations. Most women ignore their feelings, believing that a decline in libido is, just something that happens, not something that can be easily corrected. Benefits of Senstra: Advanced formula to increase sex drive in women. Heightened Sensitivity. Improves sexual desire and function. Intensifies pleasure and orgasms. Improves stamina and endurance. Senstra is formulated to provide increased health, and the physical energy necessary for supporting personal physical relationships and intimacy.

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If you want to increase libido naturally you can with the proven herbs enclosed and not only will your sexual health improve these herbs will improve your overall health at the same time – lets take a look at how and why they work…

Before we look at the herbs themselves, lets look at some common problems that cause low libido.

Low estrogen levels can cause intercourse to be painful and see sexual desire plummet. Low levels of testosterone also cause low libido and its not just men who need it. Sluggish blood circulation is another problem; sexuality is based on strong blood circulation to the genitals and any women with low libido is likely to have poor blood circulation.

The above are all physical reasons for low libido – but the mind and the spirit also play a key role. Stress, anxiety and tiredness, all leave you to exhausted to think about sex. It’s vital your body has plenty of energy and you have correct hormonal balance to boost sexual desire.

Here are some great herbs you can take which as a combination, will combat all the above and are found in the best herbal sex pills.

Satavri Extract (Asparargus Recemosus)

Shatavri improves muscle tone, moistens dry tissues of the sexual organs and increases overall body strength and boosts levels of testosterone.

Choraka (Dong Quai)

Dong Quai root has earned the reputation as the best all round herb for women.
It is used to restore balance to a woman’s hormones and cycles and is often taken to combat PMS; relieving conditions such as – vaginal dryness and hot flushes. Dong Quai also has a balancing effect on estrogen and blood sugar levels. Finally, it acts as a blood circulation herb and helps improve blood flow while, nourishing the blood at the same time.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa helps the body relax and also, enhances sensitivity in the vagina region.


Ginseng helps to promote overall wellbeing, sexual performance and improves desire. The herb stimulates the hypothalamic-pituitary axis in the brain, which secretes adrenal corticotropic hormone (ACTH), this then binds to the brain cells, reducing stress and lifting mood. This herb is also an excellent blood circulation herb pumping blood to all areas of the body including the sex organs.


Schisandra chinensis fruit is used to treat a wide variety of menopausal problems. It also acts to increase blood flow to the female pelvic region.

Damiana Extract (Turnera Aphrodisiaca)

This herb relieves anxiety, depression, and headaches during menstruation, and combats exhaustion. It also balances female hormone levels and control hot flushes. The herb gives a feeling of mild euphoria and is the perfect herb to put you in the mood for sex.

Ashwagandha – Extract “Indian Ginseng”

Ashwagandha is a tonic herb packed with nutrients and acts to energize and rejuvenate on a mental level it helps minimize the effects of stress, enhances vitality, fights fatigue and naturally heals the sex organs.

Get them All for Improved Sexual Health and Wellness

The above and other herbs are found in all the best women’s natural sex pills and will not only improve libido but will also act to improve overall wellness, so you get more from sex and more from life, just as nature intended.

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Based on exciting new research, Prolab’s Horny Goat Weed offers an exclusive formula to maximize sexual libido and energy levels with the power of Epidmedium, Tribulus and Yohimbe, plus the super-energizing effects of Maca. But we didn?t stop there! Based on proven studies, we?ve added the remarkable effects of Ginkgo and Niacin to maximize blood flow and sensory benefits.

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Stimulin contains the patented nutrient and potent amino acid citrulline. It is a NEW approach to improve libido and sexual vitality. Citrulline is the only libido enhancer on the market derived from watermelons. Once in the blood, citrulline helps increase the production of nitric oxide which stimulates blood flow. Studies have shown that one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is lack of blood to the penile area. Stimulin allows the blood to flow more smoothly, thus allowing more blood to flow to the penile area. More blood flow means improved libido and more powerful, long-lasting erections. Stimulin is superior to other herbal remedies for sexual vitality because it stimulates blood flow naturally. Stimulin helps to naturally improve libido, improve sexual stamina, ease erectile dysfunction, promote better circulation and improve overall vascular health. Only Stimulin: Contains the patented nutrient citrulline Works with the body to increase sexual stamina and sexual performance Naturally supports healthy libido Is a safe alternative to prescription libido-enhancing medications Gives men the confidence they need Stimulin Sexual Vitality Support by Naturally Vitamins – 60 Tablets

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